The Crystal Situation

So I've been running into all kinds of people I haven't seen in years recently. I don't know how my dumb ass didn't see this coming moving back to New Mexico and all but it's been happening at an alarming rate.
My point is I ran into my ex girlfriend a few weeks ago at Zozobra. While this in itself would not be all that terrible, we left on somewhat good terms, I had failed to tell her I had moved back to New Mexico. The worst part is it's not even like I was too distracted and forgot, I didn't tell her on purpose because I thought it would fuck things up and I didn't really want to get back in that group of people again. However, all of that came crashing to the ground the moment I heard her call my name as I was standing in line for the Porto-Potty. Let me tell you that you've not truly lived until your stomach sinks to the depths of your being when you recognize the voice calling your name as the girl you ditched to move to another state with a group of high school buddies that want to try to make it in the music industry and you had no real reason to follow them other than the fact the you were bored out of your skull and wanted to leave so bad you could've killed someone.
And then the guy in front of me got out of the toilet.
I jumped in that Porto-Potty so fast I could have set the record for fastest escape from an akward situation at a major festival event ever recorded. Or at least of the week, in Santa Fe, for my males my age, under six feet and 150 lbs. I like to think that I could have set some kind of record. It's really the only way I can feel good about the whole situation.
The entire time I was in there pretending to piss, there was just no way I was going to be able to piss after that shock, I was praying to whatever god would let me pray to them that she would be gone when I got out. I guess my prayers fell of deaf god-ears cause there she was, all good looking and shit standing there doe-eyed and cute.
Let me just stray for a second to say something that needs to be said. I think, and I know that I'm not alone in this, that its is really fucked up that you chicks out there can get us to do pretty much whatever the hell you want just by giving us "The Look". Don't pretend like you don't know what I mean because it written on your faces every single damn time you do it. You also know that we have little to no power of resistance to it and that's why you do all the damn time. I mean fuck man it sucks.
So I get out of the toilet, if you could call it a toilet at this point, and she's just standing there looking at me and my heart sank as I realized just what this meant: I would have to fucking talk to her now. God fucking dammit. I hate these situations, when I'm in them. They're hilarious when I'm observing, I'm referring to the Meg incidents here, but when I have to deal with them I can't handle with the pressure.
After the most painfully akward five minutes of my entire life trying to explain myself, we made our way back to where I was standing for the show.
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention one pretty important detail about this whole Crystal situation, I was tripping acid this whole fucking time! Points to Crystal for making the night just that much more exciting on top of the LSD and the Jack Daniel's.
After the show was over she told me she had to go and I believed her, I was pretty much believing anything at this point, so we parted ways and I told her I would call her. She made me swear under pain of death that I would call her that night so we could go somewhere and talk. I told her I would but I don't think she knew my current hallucinitory status so I put a reminder in my phone for later. That made for a wildly panic-inducing moment later that night.
I'm not going to go into what happened later for two reasons. One, I don't really remember. Two, out of respect for the people involved it would be better if I just kept my mouth shut. Just know that I did meet up with her that night and I ended up not going home.

One more thing, John McCain is a douchebag.


Why I <3 Benecio and California's Rx Policies

I guess today was a pretty weird day. Maybe not weird, that's too specific. I had to get up way too early in order to go to a job interview. I think it went pretty well. Now, I don't really want a job (zero responsibility is the shit) but I need one cause I need to get out of the damn house more.
So there I was riding my bike down the bike path on my way to the interview at Borders, more specifically the Borders Cafe, and I was listening to this band I found the other night called Fingers-Cut, Megamachine! as I was trying not to completely die from all the pollen floating around down here. This band does not at all sound like you would think they would. They're one of those bands that has been cursed (or blessed) with a misleading name. I'm not going to spoil it for you but go check them out. I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Well, I can't really guarantee something like that. Everyone has their own musical tastes but chances are you'll like them cause I like them and I happen to have the world's second best taste in music next to this man:

After the potentially successful job interview I made my way home to take a nap. Which, as it turns out went extremely well. Chalk it up to good genes I guess but I am just too damn good a taking naps. I don't nap that often but when I do, watch the hell out. I will nap circles around any mother fucker trying to step up in my game. Sorry I guess I've been watching way too much of The Wire.
Anyway I'm going to skip all the boring parts next and focus on the discovery I made of the latest addition to the exciting new enterprises that are the interwebs. I am of coarse talking about THE MOST EXCELLENT PODCAST OF DEATH, DOOM, AND DESTRUCTION. They've only done one episode so far but I have to say I enjoyed the hell out of it. It was about half-way through that I realized what I was getting myself into by signing up for the subscription on iTunes, I am going to be getting one of these once a week, for as long as Benecio has a computer I figure. They covered every subject I thought appropriate and even managed to surprise me with the announcement of Walker and The Lee's candidacy for president in 2024. This is a better idea even than Stephen Colbert running for president and they've got some great ideas for making the country feel more comfortable with Walker as president. But don't take my word for it (wink wink) check out their podcast and know for sure.

Oh and on a side note, if you live in California, please for the love of god don't flush your pharmaceuticals down the toilet. I live on this planet too and happen to enjoy a nice, refreshing glass of ice water sans your fucking Los Angeles-induced psyche meds. Thanks in advance.


I'll Catch You Down the Road

I just had to write an extremely hard letter to a very good friend of mine. The day can only get better from here.


Makin' Bacon

Zach and I went on a massive journey today. We rode our bikes all over town finding things to take pictures of. So with that being said here are the latest batch of pictures from my journeys in Santa Fe.

I actually took a ton of pictures I just like these better than the other ones. Maybe I'll put the other ones on facebook or something.


The Holy Police Club in Tokyo

It's the holy day! Go out and do nothing, the day calls for it. I think I will do the same.

Oh and Tokyo Police Club is perfect.

Right Away, Great Captain

People that know me will know that I am big into finding new music. I love finding that band that is so amazing that it just blows away everything else I've been listening to at the time. Point-in-case, Wax On Radio. I found these guys a while back and have been listening to them ever since. They only have the one album out right now but I hope they are planning on more. I've also gotten into a band called Manchester Orchestra. Manchester Orchestra was one of those sleeper bands that took me off guard the first time I heard them. At the time I had only heard their song "Alice and Interiors" and I thought it was good but I just moved on. About three months later I got a hold of their full album "I'm Like a Virgin Losing a Child" and never looked back.

Ok the whole point of me writing this was so I could talk about the lead singer for Manchester Orchestra Andy Hull and his perfectly amazing solo side project Right Away, Great Captain. The debut album "The Bitter End" was written from the perspective of a 1600's sailor at sea for 3 years. Each song on the concept album is a journal entry written either to his family back home or his captain. The entire album was written over the course of three days in a cabin near Bastian, VA. You can really tell Andy's focus listening to this. While Manchester has a more broad feel to it, Right Away, Great Captain has a smaller feel without losing any of it's likability and epicness. I mean you can't write about a 1600's sailor and not be epic. Its like an unwritten rule or something.

Everyone should go out and find a way to listen to this. You won't regret it.


You Haven't Seen The Devil Until You've Seen Them All

So I've been keeping up and keeping busy with all kinds of things lately. Mostly writing. I've been writing a new movie and I've actually got a huge number of people behind it. I've met a lot of amazing people who share the same level of passion for movies as I do and a lot of them are excited about getting this project off the ground. I'm writing it right now so there's no real progress other than that. I was thinking about bringing a few people in on the writing process so we'll see how that goes. I'll update everyone on the progress of the project here as more information becomes available.

Anyway, Zach and I went out walking earlier and I took a few photos with Zach's camera. A few of them turned out to be pretty good actually so I thought I'd share them with everyone.

I think this whole photography thing is something I can get behind so expect more as time goes on.


The Days That Fly

Another day, a few more wasted minutes. These days are flying by me at an unusual pace. They stop just long enough for me to hop on and try to hold on for dear life as more and more of them fall off the calender. I mean, Jesus Christ it's almost October. Then it will be November 4th. I'm not going to go into who I'm voting for in November because I could go on and on about it for hours, but just know that I'm not voting for McCain.

I've been thinking about writing some new movie stuff. I guess I could write something completely different what with the new location and all. We'll see.


It's a "Maybe if things had been different" kind of thing

It happened. I am no longer a resident of Colorado, for better or worse. I haven't decided where this is going but I know it's going somewhere. I'm not doing much, little things here and there. Living in Santa Fe basically. Take that how you want but there's really no other way to describe it. If you've ever been to Santa Fe, and I'm talking the real Santa Fe here not the "other" end of town where the mall and all those fucking car dealerships are, you'll know of the Plaza and how it looks all lit up at night.

They're starting to put the luminarias out around town.

It's funny, for a long time I've been trying not to hide anything from the people in my life and, as all things go, that's failed. It's not hard to do, telling the truth. But I seem to fall short anyway. I can look someone in the eye and there's this moment where there they are, right there, in the moment, invested in what I'm telling them, I could say everything, tell them everything I have ever felt about them since I met them.

But I couldn't. It wouldn't have changed anything. You can't hope for something like that. It's not some self-loathing, I don't deserve it kind of thing. It's a "You can't be telling me that now." kind of thing or a "Maybe if things had been different" kind of thing.

Don't worry, I understand, that's why I didn't say anything.

Until I see you again, thanks for everything Bailey and I hope you find the happiness you deserve.

Always, Dustin


It sinks and it sinks and it falls

I'm just going to put it out there and say that I might be just about the worst blogger (I hate that word) to ever exist, ever. I tell myself that I'm going to post more and I usually do, for about an hour. Then I get distracted by something that I've stumbled upon, one thing leads to another and a month goes by with out on single damn post.
I guess I could thank Jordan for this latest need to post, as he has decided to start posting on Murder Murder Love Inc. again. We'll see how long this new motivation lasts this time. Something tells me it will last.

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