You Haven't Seen The Devil Until You've Seen Them All

So I've been keeping up and keeping busy with all kinds of things lately. Mostly writing. I've been writing a new movie and I've actually got a huge number of people behind it. I've met a lot of amazing people who share the same level of passion for movies as I do and a lot of them are excited about getting this project off the ground. I'm writing it right now so there's no real progress other than that. I was thinking about bringing a few people in on the writing process so we'll see how that goes. I'll update everyone on the progress of the project here as more information becomes available.

Anyway, Zach and I went out walking earlier and I took a few photos with Zach's camera. A few of them turned out to be pretty good actually so I thought I'd share them with everyone.

I think this whole photography thing is something I can get behind so expect more as time goes on.

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