Why I <3 Benecio and California's Rx Policies

I guess today was a pretty weird day. Maybe not weird, that's too specific. I had to get up way too early in order to go to a job interview. I think it went pretty well. Now, I don't really want a job (zero responsibility is the shit) but I need one cause I need to get out of the damn house more.
So there I was riding my bike down the bike path on my way to the interview at Borders, more specifically the Borders Cafe, and I was listening to this band I found the other night called Fingers-Cut, Megamachine! as I was trying not to completely die from all the pollen floating around down here. This band does not at all sound like you would think they would. They're one of those bands that has been cursed (or blessed) with a misleading name. I'm not going to spoil it for you but go check them out. I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Well, I can't really guarantee something like that. Everyone has their own musical tastes but chances are you'll like them cause I like them and I happen to have the world's second best taste in music next to this man:

After the potentially successful job interview I made my way home to take a nap. Which, as it turns out went extremely well. Chalk it up to good genes I guess but I am just too damn good a taking naps. I don't nap that often but when I do, watch the hell out. I will nap circles around any mother fucker trying to step up in my game. Sorry I guess I've been watching way too much of The Wire.
Anyway I'm going to skip all the boring parts next and focus on the discovery I made of the latest addition to the exciting new enterprises that are the interwebs. I am of coarse talking about THE MOST EXCELLENT PODCAST OF DEATH, DOOM, AND DESTRUCTION. They've only done one episode so far but I have to say I enjoyed the hell out of it. It was about half-way through that I realized what I was getting myself into by signing up for the subscription on iTunes, I am going to be getting one of these once a week, for as long as Benecio has a computer I figure. They covered every subject I thought appropriate and even managed to surprise me with the announcement of Walker and The Lee's candidacy for president in 2024. This is a better idea even than Stephen Colbert running for president and they've got some great ideas for making the country feel more comfortable with Walker as president. But don't take my word for it (wink wink) check out their podcast and know for sure.

Oh and on a side note, if you live in California, please for the love of god don't flush your pharmaceuticals down the toilet. I live on this planet too and happen to enjoy a nice, refreshing glass of ice water sans your fucking Los Angeles-induced psyche meds. Thanks in advance.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dustin! Whazzup :D I like the way you write..."please-oh-please" post more, would you? Thx

elise.noelle said...

Ah, yes. the green dinosaur knows whats up. miss you too! come back soon. i'll call you when i'm down there for thanksgiving. :)

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