Explaination of the Unexplainable

I don't know very many people who can explain the delicate workings that is Japanese anime. If you ask anyone who happens to be a fan, they will tell you that it is hard to describe it. Sure, you may get the select few who use the words, "cool", "hip", "sweet."

This is not right.

Some anime are "cool." But that's not it.

Then what the hell is it?

It is much deeper than "cool", but not quite to the point of a religious experience. Anime fans are not freaks. Some are, but not all of us.

My inspiration for this post, is simply this: I went to go see Howl's Moving Castle.

Very beautiful. That's it!

Anime, in it's own right, is beautiful. I love anime and I have deep levels of respect for the people over at Studio Ghibli. Genius! I never thought that they could out do themselves after Spirited Away. But they did. They did.

After ranting and raving long enough, we all begin to mold all that we say around what we've already said. Maybe I loved Howl's Moving Castle because I had such high expectations. I doubt that, the movie was good. Simply put, it was a good movie.

I own my far share of anime titles. Include Cowboy Bebop and Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi. Both are very good shows. Both hold their own. I also watch a fair bit of anime on TV. One of my recent favorites happens to be Paranoia Agent. Awesome series.

Well, I have run out of things to say.



American Daze and Tokyo Knights

There is a huge gap between American ideals and Japanese culture. For me and many people I know the Tokyo life-style is one that we prefer over American.

Americans one care about one thing: money. Now, don't get me wrong we all love money and many of us love to spend it. And so do the Japanese for that matter, but that's not the main focus of what they do on a dayly basis. It's much deeper than that. They earn lots of money to feed their families, not "feed" their whores and pimps. We, in America, have come up with ways to spend our money that go way beyond anything that one would justify as being right and just. It's all flat out bullshit. Why else would we have a town devoted entirly to gambling? In order to fill our deepest desires we have to deepen our pockets by stepping on everyone below us.

I don't know about you but I for one don't want to be a part of this. I am moving to Japan eventually, in order to get away from all these shitstorms. We are defined by how deep our pockets are. Fun shit, fun shit to get away from.

Fly Away from the Patriots
Fly into the sky
Fall down
Fall into the arms of the beautiful goddess Tokyo
Fall into the Savior of the modern age Tokyo
Fear the Fallen Angels
We will be back


Family is not Everything, but Serenity is

For like four days we had my younger brother stay with us in our place in Santa Fe. I guess we had good times, if you count me kicking him in the face good times.

Other than that, I will be getting my laptop in a few weeks, so expect much more frequent updates. Hopefully it will be at my hoped 2X a day. But we shall see.

On to more important things. I now have wireless internet going to my room. Which is very good for the ps2 online playing.

There is not a whole lot to talk about right now, um..............i get my braces off on tuesday............lots of painful ass-raming fun. It's like a slow motion train wreck in my mouth. Which, needless to say, hurts like all hell and more. I'm sure them trying to straiten my teeth with a ice pick would hurt less. These people are very good at what they do. And they are very good at cause huge amounts of pain. Why all the whining? Ask anyone who has had braces and they will tell you that in order for them to get the "job" done they have to make you feel like dying. Lots and lots of pain.

But that's a different memory and dream all together.



A Dash of Phoenix

I have risen from the ashes.

High School is done.

I have a diploma from Los Alamos High School.

It is mine, no one can take it away from me. Minus the outback nazi's. Fucking daystar.

I suppose it was the best time in my life. Well, so far. The girls were hot and guys were...dumb

Too dumb, really, for their own good. Plain and simple. Basic cable package. Drop the tube sock buddy, everyone else wants to look.

On my own
Here we go

I guess I should start writing my scripts, screenplays, whatever.

Frozne Genesis Ltd. will rise from the ashes much as I have done.


Movin' on Up

Well that's it, it is done. I have moved out of my mom's house and am living with friends in Santa Fe. Which is good, because when I need to I can actually buy things. Good times.

But that's a different memory and time zone all together.

There is just something so pure about not having to live with the mother figure anymore. The rapid change still hurt. It's a regular fucking shock to the system. But I will get over it. I don't want to go back home.

But that's not the point. The point doesn't even make sense.

Maybe someday it will make sense. I hope so. If not, I may have to go out in the world with a head full of acid and the intent on stealing something worth something to someone. Yeah, maybe then I can really make the changes that people like to see on TV.

Fucking Government.

I suppose that in order for me to maintain the living-ness, I will need a job.

Guess not.

When it all comes down to it, we are all out of luck. It fell down the drain. We'll never see it again. Get together and make more babies. Good times. Keep the head alive and the people start to think for themselves which leads to fear. And we can't have thinking people running around. It makes no sense to do that.

I am the beautiful angel of darkness that keeps the whole world alive. Cocky, yes.

Keep thinking. Be the type of person that might not like to keep the world running the way it has been going. It all makes sense if you look at it up-side-down.

We need more people like the guy that sings the jingles for TV.

All we do is run for the noose. What the hell are you talking about, we need our fix.

Keep the gun oiled and the temple clean.


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