I Have the Gasmask You Were Looking For

If you haven't noticed yet, I like to change the layout of my blog. It has seen a lot of different looks. I think I'm going to stick with this one for a while. I like the black and orange. Maybe it has to do with Halloween...but I doubt it. I think it has to do with the fact that I cannot get away from needing to change. I can't stay with one thing for too long. It drives me crazy. In anything. I can't get away. Art, movie, music, food, TV shows, and relationships. For whatever reason, I need to get away from where I am currently and move on to something that meets whatever fucked up standards I have at the time. Whatever they may be.
But I think this time off is going to do me some good. I need to get outside of my own head. I need to move beyond what this world has to give me. I have to make my own way in the world. At this point I can't afford to let any one else tread the path in front of me. I need to do it. I need to make this world my own. And why the hell not? It should be mine. Why the hell can't I have every little thing that I want in the world? Why can't I be as happy as I want to be?
There is absolutely no reason why I should just let this wash over me and determine the person I am going to be in the end. I have to choose the tide that envelopes me. I have to choose the end that I deserve and make it happen to the fullest extent of what ever that means. It has to happen.
There is no reason why it shouldn't. No one else is going to do it for me. It has to be me.

Here is some more insperational shit, but this time from the glorious Connor Oberst.

There's a voice on the phone
telling what had happened,
some kind of confusion
more like a disaster.
And it wondered how you were left unaffected,
but you had no knowledge.
No, the chemicals covered you.
So a jury was formed
as more liquor was poured.
No need for conviction,
they're not thirsting for justice.
But I slept with the lies I keep inside my head.
I found out I was guilty.
I found out I was guilty.
But I won't be around for the sentencing,
cause I'm leaving
on the next airplane.
And though I know that my actions are impossible to justify
they seem adequate to fill up my time.
But if I could talk to myself
like I was someone else,
well then maybe I could take your advice,
and I wouldn't act like such an asshole all the time.

There's a film on the wall,
makes the people look small
who are sitting beside it,
all consumed in the drama.
They must return to their lives once the hero has died.
They will drive to the office
stopping somewhere for coffee,
where the folk singers, poets and playwrights convene,
dispensing their wisdom,
Oh dear amateur orators.

They will detail their pain
In some standard refrain.
They will recite their sadness
Like it's some kind of contest.
Well, if it is, I think I am winning it,
All beaming with confidence
as I make my final lap.
The gold medal gleams
so hang it around my neck
cause I am deserving it:
the champion of idiots.

But a kid carries his walkman on that long bus ride to Omaha.
I know a girl who cries when she practices violin.
Cause each note sounds so pure, it just cuts into her,
and then the melody comes pouring out her eyes.
Now to me, everything else, it just sounds like a lie
-"Going for the Gold" Bright Eyes


The Steaming Pile

I went in to the santa fe county clerk today and did a little bit of early voting. It was good. Now I don't have to worry about making it to where ever I was supposed to go to vote on November 4th. I'm glad I'm done with it. I just want all of this crap to be over and done with. It seems like this election has been going on forever and the sooner it's over the better.
Not a whole lot has changed with the movie since yesterday. Another day, a little more writing gets done. I like where this movie is going, I really like the story Jesus, Preston and I have created. It's pretty simple but it makes sense, like this could happen to someone chilling in the woods and that is what makes it so good.
Or it could be a steaming pile of crap. We won't know until we actually make it. It should be ok though, I mean I have been working on it pretty steadily since I moved back down here. The script is well on it's way to being done and we're starting to get the equipment we need together.
I have been thinking about what I might want to do after this is done. I know I should focus on this and wait to start thinking about the future until this project is done. But, for better or worse, that is not how I like to think about things. I am always thinking about future project. I don't know if I want to do another horror movie or something completely different. My friends and I came up with all kinds of crazy movie ideas while I lived up in Denver. There was a horror movie called A Creature from Dimension Fourty-48, a 70's B-Movie style film called Foolin' Around and a Slasher/Grindhouse movie called The Harvester. They'll happen, someday.
I was thinking about doing a episodic show on the internet after the gasmask movie. We'll see.


Lost In Translation

So the movie is coming along great. It's mostly written and we're starting to get the things together for making it work. Hardware things mostly, a few more trips to Home Depot ought to do it. A while back I did quite a bit of research about cheap, homemade, movie equipment. The kind of stuff that you can make with things around your house and that you can buy for very cheap. This $14 Steadicam is a good start. The guy's site has several videos displaying the capabilities of the Steadicam. They look pretty good, considering the fact that, you know, it costs $14.
I also found a pretty rough tutorial about making a dolly system using skateboard wheels and pvc. The whole system should cost someone about $48 in total. A little over $30 for the hardware supplies and about $18 or so for the wheels that the guy said he got from a set of child's rollerskates from walmart.
So that's not too bad right? A sweet horror movie about a guy killing people in the woods in all kinds of messed up and awesome ways for a little more than $62. Well that and any other expenses we might incur like food, transportation and beer. I also need to buy a boom mic, and that is something that I am going to need to get some good cash for.
But that's how it is, you have to invest something in what you love to make it work. The same can be said for all kinds of things. In the end, it's not worth doing anything if you take the easy way. You won't learn anything. I'm finally starting to learn that. It took me longer than it should have, but that's also how it is.
You learn something new every day.
Oh and on a side note, Lost... what the fuck? It is probably one of the most intense television shows I have ever seen, next to Planet Earth and Heroes. I think it is going to give me a heart attack in the end.


It's Mostly Ok

There is something to be said about writing a horror movie. You are in a completely different world. You are writing a completely different world. The rules are different and events don't happen in the same way they would in a comedy or a drama. So I guess the more and more I think about it, writing horror movie is a lot like writing porn. It's all about the money shot.
Like I said yesterday, I have been busting my ass over this new movie I am writing. We hope to shoot here pretty soon. By pretty soon I mean as soon as I suck it up and finish writing it. We need to get going here cause its going to start getting really cold. Considering the movie takes place in the woods, the warmer the better.
I don't want to say too much right now cause it's too early to tell if it's going to be actually good. But I like horror movies and I like to think that I like making horror movies so we'll see how this goes. As always, I will update when more comes along.


Drinking XXX VitaminWater in Sam's Town

I've kind of fallen out of posting here, just like I said I would. But this time I actually have a few explanations or excuses depending on who you are and how much I like you.
First off, I have still been writing just in a different way. I have been busting my ass on a new movie that I hope to make pretty soon here. Just as soon as I can get some shit together to make some half-assed movie stuff like a dolly and a steadycam. Yes you can even make a dolly for close to nothing, the internet is a wonderful place full of those little nuggets of know-how that people like to spill out all over the place. All will feel the glory of my superior dolly building skills. I'll be sure to update as more comes along but I doubt it will be for a while cause its fucking cold outside. And the cold pisses me off.
Third, I like beer too much to be a regular updater of anything let alone a blog (I hate that word) on the internet. But I guess I don't really have any excuses because if I'm sitting here surfing the internet and writing on my desk I might as well right? Well maybe not. See what few people know about me is that, like everyone that lived in the New Mexico House up in Denver, my motivation comes from a very very far away place. It is there. But I don't have a chance to use it very often cause, I mean, why? Its just a blog.
But I like it anyway and I'm not going to stop posting just because I'm an asshole who doesn't like doing anything remotely close to productivity. So I am going to leave you now with some inspirational shit from The Killers.

Aggressively we all defend the role we play
Regrettably time’s come to send you on your way
We’ve seen it all bonfires of trust flash floods of pain
It doesn’t really matter don’t you worry it’ll all work out
No it doesn’t even matter don’t you worry what it’s all about
We hope you enjoyed your stay
It’s good to have you with us, even if it’s just for the day
We hope you enjoyed your stay
Outside the sun is shining, seems like heaven ain’t far away
It’s good to have you with us
Even if it’s just for the day
It’s good to have you with us even if it’s just for the day
Outside the sun is shining, seems like heaven ain’t far away
It’s good to have you with us
Even if it’s just for the day
It’s good to have you with us even if it’s just for the day
Outside the sun is shining, seems like heaven ain’t far away
"Exitlude" - The Killers


Mr. Yeller

I'm sorry ahead of time



The Straight Sight

Here are some new photos that I took. A few are from today and a few are from a while ago. I don't really have much else to say. Click on them to make them bigger. Enjoy!

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