Family is not Everything, but Serenity is

For like four days we had my younger brother stay with us in our place in Santa Fe. I guess we had good times, if you count me kicking him in the face good times.

Other than that, I will be getting my laptop in a few weeks, so expect much more frequent updates. Hopefully it will be at my hoped 2X a day. But we shall see.

On to more important things. I now have wireless internet going to my room. Which is very good for the ps2 online playing.

There is not a whole lot to talk about right now, um..............i get my braces off on tuesday............lots of painful ass-raming fun. It's like a slow motion train wreck in my mouth. Which, needless to say, hurts like all hell and more. I'm sure them trying to straiten my teeth with a ice pick would hurt less. These people are very good at what they do. And they are very good at cause huge amounts of pain. Why all the whining? Ask anyone who has had braces and they will tell you that in order for them to get the "job" done they have to make you feel like dying. Lots and lots of pain.

But that's a different memory and dream all together.


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