American Daze and Tokyo Knights

There is a huge gap between American ideals and Japanese culture. For me and many people I know the Tokyo life-style is one that we prefer over American.

Americans one care about one thing: money. Now, don't get me wrong we all love money and many of us love to spend it. And so do the Japanese for that matter, but that's not the main focus of what they do on a dayly basis. It's much deeper than that. They earn lots of money to feed their families, not "feed" their whores and pimps. We, in America, have come up with ways to spend our money that go way beyond anything that one would justify as being right and just. It's all flat out bullshit. Why else would we have a town devoted entirly to gambling? In order to fill our deepest desires we have to deepen our pockets by stepping on everyone below us.

I don't know about you but I for one don't want to be a part of this. I am moving to Japan eventually, in order to get away from all these shitstorms. We are defined by how deep our pockets are. Fun shit, fun shit to get away from.

Fly Away from the Patriots
Fly into the sky
Fall down
Fall into the arms of the beautiful goddess Tokyo
Fall into the Savior of the modern age Tokyo
Fear the Fallen Angels
We will be back


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