A Dash of Phoenix

I have risen from the ashes.

High School is done.

I have a diploma from Los Alamos High School.

It is mine, no one can take it away from me. Minus the outback nazi's. Fucking daystar.

I suppose it was the best time in my life. Well, so far. The girls were hot and guys were...dumb

Too dumb, really, for their own good. Plain and simple. Basic cable package. Drop the tube sock buddy, everyone else wants to look.

On my own
Here we go

I guess I should start writing my scripts, screenplays, whatever.

Frozne Genesis Ltd. will rise from the ashes much as I have done.


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"So I've made peace with the fallen leaves, I see their same fate in my own body. I won't be frightened when I'm awoken from this dream and return to that which gave birth to me"

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