Explaination of the Unexplainable

I don't know very many people who can explain the delicate workings that is Japanese anime. If you ask anyone who happens to be a fan, they will tell you that it is hard to describe it. Sure, you may get the select few who use the words, "cool", "hip", "sweet."

This is not right.

Some anime are "cool." But that's not it.

Then what the hell is it?

It is much deeper than "cool", but not quite to the point of a religious experience. Anime fans are not freaks. Some are, but not all of us.

My inspiration for this post, is simply this: I went to go see Howl's Moving Castle.

Very beautiful. That's it!

Anime, in it's own right, is beautiful. I love anime and I have deep levels of respect for the people over at Studio Ghibli. Genius! I never thought that they could out do themselves after Spirited Away. But they did. They did.

After ranting and raving long enough, we all begin to mold all that we say around what we've already said. Maybe I loved Howl's Moving Castle because I had such high expectations. I doubt that, the movie was good. Simply put, it was a good movie.

I own my far share of anime titles. Include Cowboy Bebop and Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi. Both are very good shows. Both hold their own. I also watch a fair bit of anime on TV. One of my recent favorites happens to be Paranoia Agent. Awesome series.

Well, I have run out of things to say.


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