Looking For Someone Else To Dream About

Looking towards the future
We were begging for the past
Well we knew we had the good things
But those never seemed to last
Oh please just last
-"Missed the Boat" Modest Mouse

I have a few problems. But then again who doesn't right? It's just that some times these thing catch up to me all at once. It would seem that to be my fault though. I ignore them until they become real problems instead of stupid little problems. I guess it could be argued that all of these are stupid little problems when it comes down to it. Nothing matters really. Fuck the bullshit.
I've been trying to live my life in this way for a while. Fuck the bullshit. You don't need it. I don't need it. This doesn't mean ignore all the shit. It doesn't mean don't deal with it. Because you need to deal with it. We all need to deal with it. But just fuck it. Don't let it in. Don't let it effect me. This is much easier said than done. Some times we can't help letting these things effect us. Girls, for instance, are my Achilles heel. Particularly Morgan in this case. I can't help it. I think about her all the time. I dream about her all the time. All the time. I try not to. I try to move on. I can't. Maybe it's because I don't want to. I don't want someone else. I keep looking for someone else to dream about. I love dreaming about Morgan. I dream such amazing dreams when she's on my mind.

And she's always on my mind.

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nice post. thanks.

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