The Trooper's March

I have been completely slacking when it comes to all things internet, again. It's all good though because I've been busting my ass painting and drawing and writing. I just yesterday finished an amazing painting on the wall of my room. Using a projector and some acrylic paint. I made a storm trooper helmet. It kicks a lot of ass basically and I'm proud as a pig in shit to have made this. It's a lot like the one a bunch of us made in our living room only it's a lot smaller and I did it myself (it would have been way too cramped for someone to have helped me). I snapped off some pictures for the convenience of the internet and stuff so enjoy.

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Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States
"So I've made peace with the fallen leaves, I see their same fate in my own body. I won't be frightened when I'm awoken from this dream and return to that which gave birth to me"

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