I've been writing here for a long time now. I have posts going back several years but I don't think I ever learned what it means to share what's been going on in my life with the world. There is close to zero audience for this. A few people do read it, from time to time. Most of them are close friends that I could just call and tell them what's been going on. Why don't I? I have no fucking clue.

I think I like the immortality that comes from this. Short of a solar flare zapping the shit out of us and frying everything electronic related, this blog (grumble) will last for a long time. Potentially forever. A good ol' piece of human history. I mean I try to update as often as I remember, or when I can get to Counter Culture, internet is so damned expensive. But aside from a few shortcomings, this should last forever. There are plenty of other people out there that write about vastly more interesting things, but this is my place to voice what's mine. To solidify what goes on in my head. No one else could write what I write because I am a completely unique person. This is very empowering when you think about it.

I have no idea why I do the things that I do. Why would I waste my day sitting at home watching Batman: The Animated Series instead of going out and finding a new job? I have no fucking clue. Why would I sit at Counter Culture bitching about my life on the internet instead of thinking of how I am going to both pay for school by the end of the day tomorrow and come up with rent by the end of the week?

I have no fucking clue. But I think it might have something to do with how fucking delicious Counter Culture's blueberry muffins are.

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