We Are The Night Watchers, But That's Not Your Problem

There is something so pure and wonderful about the night. We walk in it, we are saturated by it. Everything is different in the night. Everything is new and fresh. There are some that would argue this point in favor of the morning hours, but the human body was not meant to get up and the ass-crack of dawn. Think about it. Humans, at some point, were hunters. All the good little animals and things either came out at night or were sleeping thus easier to kill. We are supposed to be night "owls." But some people just can't help but get up in the morning and stomp around the house in purposeful hopes of waking everyone else up.

Everything begins promptly at 8:30. Which is the real problem.

The way the night means to me, it... it just cannot be explained here. Or anyway for that matter. It is saddening as well because not everyone feels this way or understands. You can walk and walk and walk, you don’t really get as tired because the fucking daystar isn't right up your ass. There is just something so glorious about a perfectly green tree being eliminated by a perfectly white streetlamp. I love that.

I have a friend. This friend and me go walking at night. We walk everywhere. One time, we went on a 13-mile long walk. It was everything I thought it could be. Obviously it was tiring. But not in the way a daytime walk does to you. We could have kept going if my shins weren't about to give out. This was the point of it. To walk everywhere.

There are things in this world that are very old. These things need to be kept safe. There are many of these things in Santa Fe. This is where we walk around. I'm not just talking about old things that have been here since the 90's. There is some of that. But I am talking about things that have been here since the area was inhabited by Native Americans and the like.

It's unexplainable. The purity and gorgeousness of the night and all it wonderful secrets. The world is alive at night, more so than during the day, the hustle and bustle isn't there. Which, in some eyes, takes away the liveliness. But I think the lack of a lot of people makes for a better time. If I have to I will go out in the day, but it's just too damn hot. The night is perfect and the night holds many things not normally spoken of. But here I am saying them.

Beautiful Serenity.

I recall one night. Me, Mike, Jay, and my two siblings were walking and we stopped for a rest near a small waterfall. The feeling there was too overwhelming, I thought, to stay very long. The peacefulness was staggering.

No one is ever at peace during the day as they could be during the night.

The night is one of those things that is a rare gift that comes and goes and a disapprovingly fast rate. Before you know it, the night is gone. But at the same time, before you know it, there it is. Welcoming you with open arms.

It is rich and beautiful, unexplainable to even the smartest person in the world. The night is wonderful.

The most beautiful thing I have ever seen.


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Questy said...

*wipes tear* well said, very well said.

makes me share something I wrote.

“I was like a small child again, staring in wonderment at the magick all around me. It wasn’t as though the world had changed, and yet, it had … everything was new, everything was alive and thriving--- there was energy everywhere, and it flowed freely through me. In that moment of understanding my soul was uplifted, and I was forever changed”


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