Change of A Dress

Well, school is almost out. For me it's out tomorrow. Yep, thats it, tomorrow is my last real day of high school. It might even be my last day ever. We'll see about that though.

Some people get really nervous about leaving high school. For some reason I don't have this fear. Could I have changed it early on? Maybe. I think for most of my classmates, it hit them just now that they are leaving the public school system forever. They are no longer victims in the Nazi death camps that are the public school system. It hit me a long time ago so I don't really think that is a factor here. I'm excited that I'll be getting lots of money for graduation presents.

I don't really have a clue what it is that I am going to do after high school. Most of my classmates have had the rest of their lives planned for them from birth, so there's not that stress there. Or maybe its a changed stress. They could very well have new levels of hyper-stress that I will never know. Think about it. They have their whole lives planned for them, what happens if they start thinking for themselves and trying to live their own lives. Or, even worse. What happens when mommy and daddy die in a car crash or get trapped in a elevator for four days and the father ends up eating the mother and he gets put away for forty years to life for raping and killing everyone in the elevator? What then?

Granted thats a worse case scenario. But it could happen. But what happens when the worst things that you could ever think of happend to these people. They say you only live once. What if thats true and these people are wasting their lives away acting for mommy and daddy and kissing their asses in hopes that they will buy them the new corvette for graduation. Or, what if the parents snap out of it? What if the parents don't want to pay for everything and make every fucking choice for their spoiled brat of a kid? What would the kid do? Move on? Unlikly. Fade away? Maybe. Die? Hope not.

Believe it or not, but there are some half-ass decent people in the world that might have something in themselves to give to the rest of us. Or maybe the world is full of total jackasses , and our best chances for survival is to send them all out in a boat and sink it? No, no. That would leave the bodies. Choices.

That, my friends, is what I love about being in the family that I am. My mother has given me these choices. She has let me make these choices myself. Some have been very good. And some have been not-so good. But they were my choices. And, mom, if you ever read this. Thank you.

Keep Running you aweful jackasses. The choices someone makes could be your own.


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