I Keep Posting, You Keep Reading

I haven't post all weekend, which is why I am going on a post spree today. This is the place that I can get out all that crap that bugs the shit out of me and I can do it in my own style of writing. I like post at my Frozen Genesis forum, but that's not nearly as formal. Plus That FrozenDomo kid isn't, he's too weird for my tastes. Which, in all reality, is not saying much at all.

There are certain things in this world that tend to keep a few people going. Writing happens to be mine, some people choose art in the painting and drawing sense of the word. And still other find that magical thing that they can go with for the rest of there lives. I don't know what that is yet, but I guess that part of growing up, finding what it is that you can do for the rest of your life and still be happy and not shoot everyone at or office or school.

You don't really hear that much of office shootings, just school shootings. Maybe people don't care as much about a few grown ups killing more grown ups, but when a kid can't take it anymore, we have to call the fucking army of therepists and shrinks. Why do we do this? Is it because us kids and young adults are too fucked up to deal with our own shit? So much so that we need a pushy know-it-all jackass to tell us that the only reason we feel like crap is because we need to sleep more? No that can't be the reason. Then what is it? Grown ups don't trust us with us, its as simple as that. We do, but thats because we know us. Why else would kids and young adults rather hang out with their friend than go to their grandparents for an afternoon brunch or some shit like that? We are just two different species. And the sad thing is, that one day we are going to be like this. We are going to be the one's that send our kids to the psycho-person-fixer, because we found a lighter and cigarettes in their pockets while doing the laundry. But what we could do instead is let them figure out that smoking is not very good for you. Let them tell themselves what is right and wrong, with some minor help from the parent. As much as parents and grown ups want to believe, some kids and young adults are very smart. Sometime they are smarter that most "grown ups." In fact, I happen to know several "grown ups" that are really not that grown up. They can't think for themselves. They are the one's that their parent led their lives when they were kids. This is wrong. Let the damn kid figure it out themselves. Fuck, I may have kids just to prove all those people wrong that I wouldn't amount to anything. Fuck, I may have kids to prove to those people that I am capable and I and willing to love someone else instead of flipping out and killing everyone and myself in a last desparation act. Fuck.

Then again maybe I won't have kids, because they're annoying.


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Questy said...

I personally would like to see you flip out and kill everyone, and yourself in a last desperate act.

just make sure you do it on film after that Amsterdam trip.

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