Slow Recovery

I still feel like crap, but that doesn't really matter that much. I don't know if it was the morning glories or not, but for some reason I had a nasty fever last night. I still don't feel 100% but I do feel a little better.

I don't really plan on doing the LSA again real soon. I'm going to Micheal's this weekend, but I think I'll just stick to freerunning this weekend.

One of my good friends Dylan (Hereby refered to as Jay or Jaydler) is going to Soccoro this weekend, so I'll either have to go to Micheal's (Hereby refered to as Death or Questy) or hang out with Jordan (Ace) and Kyle (Spike) and the rest of the band members of Sudden Epidemic. Good times.

What do we do in this small town of Los Alamos (Hell, the bad one)? Well for starters we get bored and burn things. So we go to Santa Fe. Or we get wasted and smoke and have sex. More good times.

But hey, we have not a damn thing else to do.


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Questy said...

Well, I can assure you it wasn’t the morning glories they were out of your system within a day.

(the sick while on them was however the seeds, its a chemical in the seed coat... not a problem if you can get your hands on some pure LSA, but then, that’s not legal without prescription is it?)

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