Friday Afternoon in the Park

It's not Friday, it's never been Friday, but it should be.

Random thoughts and mostly made of people too far-gone.

There are a lot of idiots in the world and most of them have not realized how much I hate them but they should because it will be apparent very soon.

The town I live in is falling apart. The people are becoming too real and not real enough. The lab will leave. That is certain. When the lab leaves, the whole town will leave too. We are nothing with out the lab. Or, rather, the town is nothing. We are half ready fall part and collapse in on ourselves. We can't help it. We make the lab and the lab makes us. It's a scary thing but the truth is sometimes scary. I will try to leave. Or do my best not to come back. I can't come back. If I come back I won't ever leave again. Who knows? Maybe I'll go to Japan or Europe somewhere. Wherever I go it can't be in New Mexico.
It's not so much my disliking of this town that makes me want to leave, but the need to. Well, the disliking the town is there, but it is not as real as the other feeling that come with living in a small town, where if you come home drunk the whole town is up your ass with their shitstorms. We can't help it; we love to piss people off. We need to feel this way or we explode. Our parents took too much acid while they were pregnant, but that’s what comes with life and living and keeping our cool in tough situations. Keep on moving you awful jackass, keep going toward the light and don't let anyone tell you that you are who the magazines say you are. Keep trucking, life gets pretty good once you leave your small town prison.


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"So I've made peace with the fallen leaves, I see their same fate in my own body. I won't be frightened when I'm awoken from this dream and return to that which gave birth to me"

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