Oh Bahamut! Where Art Thou?

Damn Square-Enix sure knows how to get my RPG-loving loins tingling.

They also really love mysterious countdown clocks for some reason.

I guess we'll see what all this is about in five days.

Its just a fucking DS game. God damn it.


Anonymous said...

damn! I couldn't understand a single word in the first sentence!!!!!! what's wrong with me? :(

Egg Inspector said...

oh nice. where did you move from? we were out on the hopi rez visiting my grandparents, went gambling, shopping and laughed a lot so it was pretty fucking rad! woohoo!

Egg Inspector said...

im a big fan of punk and ska ya know like skatalites, reel big fish, dead kennedys, cramps, crass... and there is so much! what about you?
yea denver huh... never been there before, i grew up in salt lake city... yay! and then moved down to kykotsmovi, az for about 4 years then bam! moved over here to santa fe.. man i love it here!

Anonymous said...

awesome, thanks D! Now I get it!

Anonymous said...

update the goddam blog! :D

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