A Devil Dressed in Blue

I haven't posted in a while, about a week, and I'm sorry. It's not like I've been too busy, although I did get a job, I just haven't. No real reason. I guess it's because I just haven't had anything to say. Just boredom.
That being said, what the fuck is this? The Japanese are a different kind of weird.
I'm going to go on record right now and say the Japanese might very well be the most unique country in the world. Only the Japanese would combine two ideas into one like this. I give you Cup Nude.

Doesn't look like much now but there is more.

So far so good. There is this lovely image on the side. Not only does this make me want to eat ramen but it brings all kinds of thoughts to mind like, why do I still live in America?

Then everything changes when you open it.
What is that? Can you eat it? Will it get mad if I try? What the fuck is it made of?

Lucky for us there is an easy to follow diagram on the side detailing exactly what we're in store for. It's this kind of thinking Americans need to start getting behind. Seriously, Cup Nude. Amazing.

Also, this.

And, this.

I think this young lady has something important to say.

The Japanese are truly at the forefront of modern enlightenment.


lilybelle said...

what the hell?

Anonymous said...

ah!finally! I read this last night I think, or was it today? anyway, I couldn't find the option to leave a comment!
that's such a kinky cup!

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