Lost In Translation

So the movie is coming along great. It's mostly written and we're starting to get the things together for making it work. Hardware things mostly, a few more trips to Home Depot ought to do it. A while back I did quite a bit of research about cheap, homemade, movie equipment. The kind of stuff that you can make with things around your house and that you can buy for very cheap. This $14 Steadicam is a good start. The guy's site has several videos displaying the capabilities of the Steadicam. They look pretty good, considering the fact that, you know, it costs $14.
I also found a pretty rough tutorial about making a dolly system using skateboard wheels and pvc. The whole system should cost someone about $48 in total. A little over $30 for the hardware supplies and about $18 or so for the wheels that the guy said he got from a set of child's rollerskates from walmart.
So that's not too bad right? A sweet horror movie about a guy killing people in the woods in all kinds of messed up and awesome ways for a little more than $62. Well that and any other expenses we might incur like food, transportation and beer. I also need to buy a boom mic, and that is something that I am going to need to get some good cash for.
But that's how it is, you have to invest something in what you love to make it work. The same can be said for all kinds of things. In the end, it's not worth doing anything if you take the easy way. You won't learn anything. I'm finally starting to learn that. It took me longer than it should have, but that's also how it is.
You learn something new every day.
Oh and on a side note, Lost... what the fuck? It is probably one of the most intense television shows I have ever seen, next to Planet Earth and Heroes. I think it is going to give me a heart attack in the end.


Anonymous said...

I´m glad the film is going...Aw D, I promise I´ll marry a rich guy (or girl) so that I can sponsor your films :D haha

sugar_ciruela said...

wow a movie huh.. nice. sounds like its going to be rather interesting. i love gory movies... good luck!!!

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