You Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

So here I am, I've posted twice in one day. But it doesn't really feel like the same day because between then and now I have slept. It was a wonderful sleep, the only thing that disrupted this was Ace calling me to tell me that Nick is bringing us a shared Christmas present. What the hell could it be? My thoughts?


or some other kind of booze.

This seems to be the basis for the reletionship that we have with this kid. He buys us booze and we pay him back with our hilarity and hopeless sillyness. Sometimes we give the kid money. Mostly he comes over and tells us the proper way to do many things. He is, after all, a fucking genius when it comes to anything and everything.

I would kill anyone for you. Oatmeal is the shit. Nothing hits the spot on a cold-ass morning/afternoon than a piping hot bowl of yummy oatmeal.

So I sit here, not quite alone yet. Marb and Elise have yet to leave. Elise is still at work, and they aren't leaving until she gets back. Then for several days, I will be alone. Including tomorrow. Christmas. Being alone on this holiday has made me see the complete pointlessness of this day. All we do is give shit away and sit around and talk to our family until we can't stand them anymore. It used to be that after a while I would retreat to whatever video game system was available and I would play the game I got until my eyes bled. I wouldn't even really celebrate the new year. I would sit there and game until I was forced back to school. At which point I would continue to slack off and fail most of my classes. All because of video games and this holiday.

But this year, I am alone. I will be working tomorrow. When I get home? Who knows. I may just go to bed.

I'm sorry. Its not completely pointless. You get to see the family that you haven't seen in a very long time. But I don't get that this year. Oh well. Its not like I won't ever see them again.

As for New Years? I hope to go to Boulder this year. That would be really cool. Get drunk and stupid and talk to strangers until I pass out in a drunken stupor. Sounds like some sort of fun to me.

Who knows? I may even run into her.

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