Working on Christmas blows. But some things must be done that need to be done. I am not really complaining too much, I mean I'm not going home for Christmas this year. That's kind of a downer but I guess there are some things in life that you have to get used to in order to become a stronger person on the other side. This is going to be the first year in my entire life that I will be spending Christmas alone. I cared at first, a lot. But I have come to find that I don't care as much as I thought I would at this point.

Tomorrow is Christmas. I have to work from four to eleven on Christmas evening. I guess that would be kind of a big deal if my parents lived here. But they are back in New Mexico doing their own thing, while I am in Denver doing mine.

Its funny to think how things have changed around here in the last three months. I no longer miss home as much. A friend of mine broke up with his girlfriend of some nineteen months, just the other day. My other roommates have had some rough patches in their respective reletionships, while I remain alone and not caring all that much. I mean sometimes it would be nice to have someone that you could really connect with on a level unlike anyone else. But then again, it is nice to have some freedom. Its nice to live my own life, and I'm not having to worry about if my actions are going to make things rocky between me and my other.

That was my attitude for the entire time I have been up here.

Then I met a girl from Boulder.


Porcelina said...

I was feeling totally ambivalent and hesitant to go down to Los Alamos at all when I was going to be spending Christmas up here alone, anyway, since I was going to have to work the next day so couldn't drive down til Wednesday, but then when it worked out that I could spend the actual day of christmas it changed everything and I'm really excited to see my parents now. It's sort of funny how one day and 18 years of traditions up to this point change a perspective so drasticly, huh?

Hope your Christmas is a good one, despite or because of being by yourself, either way. I'm giving Jordan a call when we both are supposed to be back in town, so hopefully see you sometime this next weekend. Be safe and happy holidays and all that appropriate comment-ending stuff.

Jordan said...

"But then I met a girl from Boulder."

You dog, you!

Happy Christmas, Locke. The world has changed and so have we. I'm excited to spend New Years with you - in Denver...or Boulder...or Los Alamos...or whatever - so we can look back on the fallen stars of 2006 and comment on the sun as it rises to greet us anew.

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