...I can't breath with these words in my mouth...

I'm writing a new movie. This one is the one. It is going to be the movie I will be proud of. New story. I haven't done anything like this one. I need everyone's help.

If you want to be a part of this email me. dirtzero@gmail.com

Its about life, love, and everything that fucks them up. Its about us. Its about you. Its about her. Its about him. Its about the sun, and snow, and rain, and fog.

...its about my porch.

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Anonymous said...

I thought about writing a blog once... but blog is such an ugly word... and frankly it just sounds gross.
Good luck with your movie.

I leave you with this
"Look its a dog!"...."No! Fuckface! It's clearly a cat!"
-Red Valentine-

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