Pink Floyd's The Wall

I did it again. I took LSA again. But this time instead of running around and acting like a complete jackass, I did something quite enjoyable. I watched The Wall. Great movie while not high. Best movie ever while high. This movie will never be the same. The colors were talking and the sounds tasted great. There is no way this was not a good thing. Jaydler was there, he can vouch for this.

But Jay and I can both agree when we say that we don't really know if it was worth the stomach ache. But then we remember the wonderful times we had watching The Wall and it all goes away.

The Wall is one of those things that someone did at some point and had no idea what kind of impact it would have on many many people. But that's exactly what happened. Just being there is something extra special, like getting a better bike than you hoped for on your birthday. Everyone needs to see The Wall, flat out, that simple. But I think only a few select people might be able to handle the delicate mind workings and trappings that The Wall has in store for those willing enough to go after it. You have to want it now. More that you want that new bike. If you can't handle it... you know what, it doesn't really matter, you'll know when you are ready. Until then, the world makes fun of you but all you have to do is make the world fun. Keep running you swine, the tiger is right fuckin' behind you.


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