I'm not really sure how it happened at first but somehow I totally missed out on the whole Lost thing. Until now that is.
As it turns out you can watch the entire series, thus far, for free on ABC.com. Just click on the full episodes link thing at the top of the page. You have to put up with bullshit 30 second commercials every so often, but they're not so bad for the most part. Except one absolutely horrific McDonald's ad. Its about two jackasses talking about a magic ring and they end up getting their McD's on. It's not so bad at first, but when you're watching Lost and you're all into it and shit, the show builds up and builds up until it cuts to two retards talking about a magic ring and their need to go to McDonald's. Its enough to send someone, like me, in to a murderous rampage.
OK, the real reason I'm posting this is to talk about the 4th season. Now, if you have only watched a few episodes or have not watched it at all I highly recommend that you navigate yourself elsewhere.
Can anyone tell me what the fuck just happened? There was so much shit going down in the 4th season it was hard to keep track of it all. I have to say that I did see Jack's father showing up at some point, his body was gone from the coffin Jack found in the first season after all and, for whatever reason, people never seem to stay dead on that island. What about the eye-patch dude? That motherfucker is like the goddamn Terminator. He was beat to shit, tied up, beat to shit again, dragged all over the fucking island, thrown into a fence that I am pretty sure melted his brain, came back to life, showed up out of nowhere, swam down to an underwater communication facility, got shot with a fucking HARPOON GUN in the chest, and after all that he still found enough time to come back to life again and blow the side of the facility up with a hand grenade that he was holding when it blew up. Now, I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who could argue that the man is dead for sure now, but we won't know until the 5th season starts. No doubt he found some goddamn way to come back to life again.
But I don't know anything that could happen because Locke moved the island. Let me say that again, HE MOVED THE FUCKING ISLAND! Well Locke didn't really move the island, Ben did and he woke up in the Sahara Desert as a prize for doing so.
A few people did end up getting off the island before Ben moved it, but not before barely escaping a boat rigged with the most C4 I've ever seen in one place on TV show.
This show is insane. If I had to go through even half of the shit the characters on Lost had to go through I would not be dealing with it as well as they are. I would just sit there, not say anything, and live the rest of my life like that.
Oh and I guess they are going to try to get back to the island they worked so hard to leave. Jesus christ I'm going to die.
One more thing, I need to break my new Geometry Wars 2 addiction in any way possible.

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Anonymous said...

I want to watch Lost too!!!!!! :( But my two bff´s told me not to start watching it yet because it is so addictive I won´t study for my final exams :P Those girls really know me!

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