Mother Nature Is Into S&M

A few things have changed in the last day. I am no longer as eager and hopeful that my roommates will return soon, if ever. Its not that I don't want them to, because I really fucking do, but I think I am getting used to the changes that take place when you are alone for a few days. I've never actually experienced being alone like this. I mean, during the summer there were a few days where I was on the complete opposite sleep schedule from every one in the house so I effectively did not see anyone for a few days. But that was different. They were there. At the house, I could have seen them. All I had to do was sleep a little shorter or stay up a little longer and I would have had company. Now, however, there is no one to see if I stay up a little bit longer. There is no one.

And I think that I am not as heartbroken about this as I thought I might be at this point. Not as lonely and wanting attention. I don't really care if my roommates decide to stay wherever they are past New Years.

This is probably a good thing that I've come to this way of thinking. Because we are supposed to get another huge fucking blizzard again. Tomorrow. Right when things here are starting to melt and go back to normal. I hate snow. I've decided this. Winter is the worst fucking season of them all. And I live in Denver, Colorado of all places.

We aren't supposed to get some snow. We aren't supposed to get dumped on again. If word around the water cooler is to be believed, we are going to get punished! Ass-rammed by mother nature and all her glory.

I really hope they were wrong. I hope we get some light flurries (whatever the hell that word means) and move on with our lives. Its times like these that one could use a fat pack of cigarettes and good friend to curse God with. Unfortunitely, I have neither. I really need a cigarette, but all my money is in check form and Well's Fargo thinks its funny to poke me through some service that makes it impossible for me to open a checking account anywhere and thereby making me stuck here with nothing but other people's food and a check for almost $300 that is completely useless to me right now. I have to call some obscure phone number, give all my information that the great country of the USA has given me just so I can "submit my claim", and wait for 2 weeks for them to call me back so they can tell me what the fuck Well's Fargo thinks that I did that was so wrong so that I can fix it and get a new checking account (not with Well's) and pay my fucking rent and buy some fucking food...and cigarettes. Yeah, those would be nice right about now.

That was my rant against the world for the day. Brought to you by: Mountain Dew, and Good Times.

I hope she likes Dew and Good Times. Every girl that I've dated/liked/been interested in has been a vegetarian. I can't date a vegetarian. I like meat too damn much. Sorry to those couple of girls that are. I'm sorry, but when I get married (if ever) I am having steak at my wedding. Oh! And we're having wedding pie. I hate cake.

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Porcelina said...

Haha, does that mean I won't get invited to your wedding because I wouldn't eat the steak?

I'd be totally down with wedding pie, though. Pie totally owns anything cake even aspires to be.

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