Welcome To My Broken Reality

This is the first ever post here. I just felt that I needed someplace to put all the random happenings of everyday life and other such things.

Today I woke up and got some chocolate milk. I will be going down to Santa Fe later to hang out with some friends.

Tomorrow is mother's day. I guess I should do something about that. Hmmmm, yeah.

I just got Devil May Cry 3 for ps2. The game is fun but hard as hell. I have never played a game so hard. Well, no thats a lie. The most recent Contra was the hardest game I have ever played. Devil May Cry 3 is very very hard, but I cant stop playing it. It's like they put crack in something of it. Or they have some mind control device that makes resistance impossible. I barly broke it last night so I could go to sleep.

I guess I should start sleeping more. But I love video game too damn much. I also love freerunning. For anyone who doesn't know what freerunning is, it's where you run around and climb on stuff and then jump to other stuff, until you hurt yourself, or get tired. It really is fun, i swear. I love playing video games.

Ok, my #1 best video game achievment has to be beating Jak and Daxter with all 101 power cells, in just over 7 hours. Good times were most definitly had by all.


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